All Bicycle Routes

Cycle Maps displays all of the bicycle routes in a selected area. We collect information of bike maps, bike lanes, and bike trails to get you where you are going, quickly and efficiently.

Search Bike Routes

It is an extremely comprehensive app that allows you to search bike routes in your area, or where you are going to be visiting so that you are prepared.

GPS Tracking

Cycle Maps also provides a valuable GPS tracking and compass orientation that will keep you from getting lost. Speed down the bike trail without worrying about getting lost, because you know that we have you covered.


Cycle Maps is a part of the Open Cycle Map, which is an open source project that allows for regular updates.
You can now record your Tracks and download them as GPX or KML.

Additional Information:

More than 1000 installations.

Small size, only 1.8M.

3.5 Star Rating ( )

Requires Android 3.0 and up.